Digital Underwriting Process: A Revised Guide for Agents

In the rapidly evolving insurance landscape, digital underwriting stands out as a hallmark of innovation, particularly with the introduction of products like NeverStop. This flexible alternative to traditional long-term care insurance exemplifies how technology can transform the underwriting process, making it more efficient and accessible.

Introduction to Digital Underwriting

Digital underwriting merges technology with clinical research to streamline the assessment process, offering a swift and simplified live video experience. NeverStop takes this innovation further by providing a flexible alternative to conventional long-term care insurance, allowing clients to leverage their savings to cover long-term care costs effectively.

The Process Explained

  1. Innovative Approach: The digital underwriting process for NeverStop is designed to minimize the traditional hassles associated with long-term care insurance underwriting. Traditionally, this process could be lengthy and challenging, with a high rejection rate. NeverStop addresses these issues head-on by employing technology to simplify the process, and offers 100% medical guarantee for applicants who meet the age requirements.
  2. Efficiency and Accessibility: The underwriting interview for NeverStop requires only a camera-equipped computer or tablet for visual contact during the live video interview, conducted from the comfort of the applicant's home. This approach not only expedites the process—taking an average of just 30 minutes to complete—but also eliminates the need for all medical records.
  3. Assessment Process: The live video interview comprehensively evaluates cognitive and physical abilities through a series of questions and tasks. For example, the cognitive section may include word recall exercises and sequence combinations, while the physical portion assesses balance and mobility. This innovative assessment method ensures a thorough evaluation without the traditional requirements of medical records.


Upon completion of the interview, agents are informed of the session's conclusion and the determined benefits level for long-term care. All applicants are then eligible to participate in the NeverStop Wellness Program, a testament to the commitment of Assured Allies and NeverStop to promote successful aging through innovative solutions.


Digital underwriting by NeverStop creates a streamlined, efficient, and more accessible approach to processing long-term care insurance applications. For agents, understanding and navigating this modernized process means being able to provide clients with a seamless service that aligns with the demands of the digital age. Through innovations like NeverStop, the industry is moving towards simplifying insurance processes, thereby enhancing the client experience and promoting successful aging.